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December 8, 2017 - Issue #2 

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The weather has been great for this project, allowing the construction team to get a little bit ahead on the project.  Since beginning work in the water on pier 5, one shaft of two is poured.  Each shaft is being filled with concrete and a network of rebar so when the time comes to continue upward, the next stage can be tied in and has a solid foundation.  "We build it in pieces, one piece on top of the other," said MoDOT Construction Inspector Joe Smith. Pier 4 has both shafts in the water and are drilling the rock.  Doug Pettig, MoDOT construction inspector said they have had a hard time drilling on pier 4 because of the hardness of the rock, which consists primarily of limestone and shale.  He also reports a dock is being built on the Illinois side to allow workers to park equipment, and it makes it easier and faster to get supplies on and off barges.

New signs have been placed on either side of the river to make drivers aware of the partnerships helping to make this project possible.

 partnering sign

pumping concrete from illinois side

Concrete is being pumped to the shafts from the Illinois side.

Massman Sponsors Santa Run

Road Approach Taking Shape

About 60 runners and walkers took advantage of great weather and the chance to run across the Champ Clark Bridge in Louisiana on Saturday, December 2.  The run was sponsored by the bridge contractor Massman Construction Co. and supported the Twin Pike YMCA in Louisiana.  "This was a good event for the community, and those who participated were able to see close up the progress being made on the new bridge," said T.J. Colombatto, project manager with Massman.

 Santa run sponsored by Massman

KHQA Television News Coverage of Santa Run

Marisa and KenMarisa Ellison with MoDOT and Ken Lane, Stark Bros. Chief Marketing Office and a member of the former Champ Clark Advisory Group participated in the 10K run.





happy holidays

new view or road on Illinois side

Much of the road work being done is on the Illinois side of the River.  This picture shows the clearing done to allow equipment to haul items to the River.

pink ribbon day

The Champ Clark Bridge team wore pink ribbons one day in October to show their support for breast cancer awareness.

For all pictures of work, go to MoDOT Northeast District's Flickr site.  

The web cam can be found under the Construction tab of this site.