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November 9, 2018 - Issue #12

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Another milestone was achieved this past month when all the structural steel was completed for the project.  There are 3656 tons of structural steel used to build the new bridge. At it’s deepest, the structural steel is 13 feet deep. The first deck pour was completed just this week from pier 6 to about mid-way to pier 7.  Two more deck pours are planned for this fall, weather permitted. Over the structural steel, from abutment 1 to pier 6, 181 pre-cast deck panels are being  set over the winter.  All of the panels are being shipped by truck, and each are 46.5' wide, 9' long and 9" deep. 


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The crews are checking the clearance of the deck paving machine to the top of the rebar mat to ensure there is proper concrete coverage.

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Due to the holiday season, only one public update will be held on Saturday, December 8 at 10 a.m. in Riverview Park in Louisiana.  There will be no public update in November.  The regular public updates, held the last Saturday of each month, will resume in January.


Public Update

Saturday, December 8

10 a.m.

Riverview Park


20181107 185347 425After the concrete is poured and the machine does the paving (in photo above left), the concrete is given time to set up and harden.  Sometimes, it doesn't do that quickly, especially with the colder temperatures, so crews had to finish up in the dark.  They have to cover it with water lines and burlap to keep the deck wet, cover those with plastic, apply the radiant heat coils, and then finish it off with insulated blankets to help trap the heat in.  This is the process to cure concrete and assure the first deck pour is a success.

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Pittsfield, Hannibal and Louisiana High School STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) students visited the project earlier this week.  Each group rode the barge out to the work area of the project. 

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It was a cold day to be cruising on a barge, yet the STEM students didn't mind.  Keith Killen, P.E., , in the yellow jacket, explains what crews are doing at that time on the new bridge.

One of the STEM students was unable to take the barge trip, so she was put in charge of running the drone for pictures.  She gets credit for the far upper left picture in this week's newsletter!  She was assisted by Brandi Baldwin, P.E., resident engineer (standing), and Josh Hanrahan, Massman project engineer, kneeling.

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