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July 13, 2018 - Issue #9

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There are five cranes being used on the Champ Clark Project, but it's the newest arrival that's gotten the most attention.  A Manitowoc 7000 recently arrived on site to assist in the erection of the structural steel girders.  The 7000 is barge mounted in a "ringer" configuration and has a capacity of 350 tons.  While Massman has cranes with capacities up to 600 tons, the 7000's combination of size and versatility make it a unique and useful addition to the project.  Massman currently has 200' of boom in the crane, with plans to add an additional 100' as dictated by the project's demands. To date, it has been used to offload and stage the first girder segments delivered to the project.  The new bridge will have 68 steel girder segments and 12 concrete girders, and these will support the new bridge deck.

"We're continuing to make good progress on the new bridge," said Michael Massman, design-build coordinator for Massman Construction Co.  "Our team is wrapping up the river substructure and will continue with the abutments and approaches for the next several months."  The project will also continue to receive structural steel deliveries and begin erecting girders.  "We appreciate the community's continued interest in the project, as well as the attendance at our monthly update meetings," Massman added.

Thank you to Martha Sue (Zook) Smith for sharing some of her childhood memories of the Champ Clark Bridge.  Enjoy reading "Bridge Contributes to Memories of Swimming."
4511 Doug in front of big craneHow many construction inspectors do you see in this picture?  Look may have to squint!  Doug Pettig with MoDOT and our photographer demonstrate just how monstrous crane is that lifts all the girders and other parts of the bridge into their places.  There are a total of six Manitowoc 7000's in the world, and Massman Construction Co. owns two.  The one at the Champ Clark Bridge was previously used on the Stan Musial Veteran's Memorial Bridge in St. Louis, and the other on the Christopher S. Bond Bridge in Kansas City.



Bridge Contributes to Memories of Swimming 

By Martha Sue (Zook) Smith
Martha sue on overlookMy entire family loved to swim and mother and dad would tell me stories about the other one:  mother would tell me how beautifully my daddy could dive, and daddy would tell me what a strong and beautiful swimmer my mother was.  Both my brother, Hurley, and I went several years to a camp in Michigan, Camp Miniwanca, where we both over the years became good swimmers and developed a love of pools and swimming.

In the 1950's, the closest pool for us in Louisiana was in Pittsfield, Illinois. Getting to Pittsfield back then was a big deal, and the Champ Clark Bridge was a toll bridge, which meant we had to pay to go across and then pay again to return.  On top of the toll, the cost of getting into the pool, and the the nibbles during the day, and the cost of gas to and from, it was a pretty big deal.  It meant mother had to give up an entire day, which she didn't mind, but a full day, again back then, was a pretty big deal.

Martha Sue On Air

Nevertheless, we had a big car and mother loved the water too, so she'd let us invite a couple of our friends and make a big day at the pool in Pittsfield as often as was feasible.  Thanks to the Champ Clark Bridge we were able to satisfy our desire for an exciting venture to the pool in Pittsfield!

I'm finding the building of the new Champ Clark Bridge is one of the most fascinating things I've ever seen.  Of course I cross the bridge every day, getting to WBBA Radio, so I see the construction every day, and it's different EVERY day.  I'm loving watching it!

Martha Sue is pictured here while on air during her live program each day with WBBA radio out of Pittsfield.  David Fuhler, general manager, wrote of Martha Sue, "She definitely keeps our listeners updated on the bridge project, which is important to all of us on both sides of the river."


Did you know?

truss bridgeBefore the Industrial Revolution, most bridges were made of stone, but wood and iron can resist tension and compression better than stone.  The United States had an abundance of wood ,so they made many wooden bridges at that time and many of them were truss bridges.

STEM Students Get First-Hand Experience in Construction

High school students from both Missouri and Illinois recently attended a one-day STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) camp on the construction site of the new bridge.  In addition to getting on the barge that took them on a tour of construction via the Mississippi River, they learned about safety, careers and the different types of major bridges. Walker Deters, Canton High School, son of MoDOT employee Robert Deters, enjoyed the tour and the hands on activities.  Schools represented included Atlanta, Clopton and Canton, Missouri, and Pittsfield, Illinois.

STEM Camp student

STEM Camp kids

Tanner Genenbacher, field engineer for Massman Construction Co, and Abbie Farmer, a student at Atlanta High School, simulate pile driving.  "They are counting the number of blows to drive the PVC pipe per inch, then they calculate the bearing capacity of the soil in the bucket," explained to Keith Killen, P.E., MoDOT project director of the Champ Clark Bridge. 

Students from four regional high schools on both sides of the river participated in the STEM camp. 

Saturday CC Bridge Update

Public Invited to the Monthly Progress Meeting

Saturday, July 28

10 a.m. at the NEW Riverview Park Outlook

John Henderson Park, Louisiana

 1231 Lifting girders

This picture shows one of the first steel girder segments being unloaded by the 7000.  The girder is 140' long and weights 197,000 lbs.


HR visit


Several agencies and organizations have had the opportunity to visit the work site and learn about the construction.  MoDOT central office personnel out of Jefferson City took some time to stop by and have MoDOT Resident Engineer, Brandi Baldwin, P.E., educate them on the general aspects of construction and the work force. 



pano higher res

Photographer Joe is getting very creative!  This is a 360 degree view he took while standing on the dock on the Illinois side of the river.  "On the left, you can see the big barge crane set up and awaiting an arrival of girders," Joe Smith, construction inspector, wrote.  "In the middle, you can see the crane out in the water at Pier 5, and on the right, a crane next to the dock on a barge," he explained.  The right crane is assisting the welders in getting the temporary shoring in place to help support the girders.  This photo was taken on June 27, 2018.

For all pictures of work, go to MoDOT Northeast District's Flickr site.  

The web cam can be found under the Construction tab of this site.