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June 12, 2018 - Issue #8

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If you've driven across the Champ Clark Bridge recently, you are seeing the piers really taking shape!  Despite the heat, the project has continued to progress.  We've also started working on building the retaining wall near where the new bridge approach will be constructed behind and next to the Ayerco convenience store in Louisiana. 
The overlook is completed in John Henderson Riverview Park, and Massmann Construction Co. even included some information about the new bridge at the overlook.  The view is amazing!  Our public updates will be held there on the last Saturday each month at 10 a.m.
We've had a lot of visitors this past month including many of the agencies and organizations who helped bring the new bridge project to fruition, such as the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Coast Guard.  They have a shared interest in ensuring bridge construction is progressing.
Retaining Wall Taking Shape
The wall that will retain the Missouri bluff on the south side of the new bridge is under construction and possibly even finished by the time you read this newsletter!  The public voted on what the wall was going to look like, choosing the texture and pattern.  The wall will be approximately 9 feet tall when completed.  It is located behind the Ayerco convenience store in Louisiana.  The largest blocks are 5' deep and weigh nearly 3,400 pounds.  There was a lot of prep work needed before wall construction could begin, and one of the most important elements was to make sure it is aligned at the base.
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Keeping it Together

maintenance work resizedMoDOT maintenance crews took advantage of the yearly inspection closure of the bridge this week to do some much needed maintenance repairs to the deck.  "It's just safer for everyone, drivers and workers, if we can perform this type of work while the bridge is closed," said MoDOT Maintenance Supervisor Roy Niemeyer.  He said they did some sealing and patching on the 90-year-old bridge.

 Did you know?

290px US 54 mapU.S. Route 54, which includes the Champ Clark Bridge, is an east-west highway 1,197 miles long.  It starts in Griggsville, IL and ends in El Paso, TX.

Overlook New Public Update Location

The new structure at Riverview Park includes information about construction on the new bridge and provides a stunning view of the actual work. 

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Saturday CC Bridge Update

Public Invited to the Monthly Progress Meeting

Saturday, June 30

10 a.m. at the NEW Riverview Park Outlook

John Henderson Park, Louisiana


Education Continues to Be a Commitment to the Community

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Brandi Baldwin, P.E. resident engineer for MoDOT, shows 50 YMCA summer camp students the various components of the Champ Clark Bridge during a presentation sponsored by the Pike County Historical Society.  Engineers from Massman Construction Co., as well as MoDOT, are available to speak to groups of all ages and sizes.  Please call 573-248-6845 if your organization is interested.  Photo credit Linda Beer, Louisiana Museum Board.

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This photo compares what is actually built to the plan sheets, as well as a description of each element of the piers.  To date, six of the eight columns and two of the four caps are complete for four river piers.  "We will be finishing the last two columns at Pier 2 this week, with the remainder of the river substructure wrapping up in the next few months," said Michael Massman, design-build coordinator with Massman Construction Co.  As this work is being completed, the next phase of construction will begin, with Massman preparing to set the steel girders that will eventually support the bridge deck.


Mike at MDNR on barge resizedMike Irwin, an environmental scientist with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources toured the project this week.  "I found the tour to be beneficial, as it's nice to see the result of permits and authorizations," he said. US Coast Guard Rodney Wurgler right and Allan Monterroza left resizedAllan Monterrozza and Randy Wurgler also tour the construction site this week.  They are with the United States Coast Guard.

For all pictures of work, go to MoDOT Northeast District's Flickr site.  

The web cam can be found under the Construction tab of this site.